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X men: days of future past – back to its best!


Well to say that this film has been hotly anticipated is an understatement. Marvel fans, x men fans, Hugh Jackman fans, you name it, pretty much everyone has been chomping at the bit to get this film watched. And I tell you what, you won’t be disappointed. It’s a thrilling, action packed, sucker punch of a film which grabs you by the collar and shakes you into submission. Brilliant.

The film kicks off I’m a dystopian future where the humans have taken serious action against the threat of mutants and have created the ultimate weapon to kill them off. The sentinels. These mutant killing robots are the brain child of Bolivar Trask (superbly played by Peter Dinklage of game of thrones fame). So the modern day X men have to send someone to the past to ensure that the creation of these robots never happens and that everyone can live happily ever after.

Many of the old favourite X men (and women) are back, Bobby the ice man, kitty who can go through walls, storm, colossus (the guy who can turn himself into metal) and of course Xavier, Magneto and Wolverine. Bryan Singer (Director) really has done a superb job weaving all of these powers and characters together. New faces and old work brilliantly together to show how the mutants of the future are at the end of their tether, fighting for their very survival. This does mean that some familiar faces aren’t on screen as much as you may expect. Storm isn’t around much and blink and you’ll miss Rogue who is in it for all of 6 seconds. But at least these characters appear at all and not just ignored or spoken about in the past tense. It also means that we get some new characters, like Bishop. Bishop is brilliant.

What’s great about this film is that The stakes are sky high right from the beginning, if they don’t achieve their goal then everyone’s dead. Game over. It means they can get straight to the action and really go full throttle. This is where one minor criticism comes in. As the film goes off with a bang they really don’t spend any time setting the scene or going over what’s happened before. Therefore if you haven’t seen the previous X men films – you will be at a bit of a loss. Not only for this film but for your life too, they are great films, get them watched. Then see this film. Problem solved.

So the performances. Fassbender and McCavoy are both fantastic as Magneto and Xavier. They don’t try to impersonate Mckellen and Stewart, instead they both are very convincing as powerful people trying desperately to do what they think is the right thing. Jennifer Lawrence is also great as Raven/Mystique, such a brilliant character and she is great in the role. Also it has to be said that Jackman as Wolverine, in his seventh outing as the quick healing foul mouthed goodie, is brilliant. The only word to describe him is ‘ripped’ and he just looks like he will pull your arms off for fun, he looks great as Wolverine and his performance here is really top notch. Also worth mentioning is Evan Peters as quicksilver. The effects of quicksilver and how fast he is and what he can do are just superb. I bloody love this character and they really do him justice here. One scene in a kitchen is just fantastic with some really great cinematography.

So all in all this is a great film that is hugely enjoyable. But it isn’t perfect. There are some random plot holes and things that aren’t fully explained away that do at times leave you a little confused and maybe trying to catch up. But these flaws can easily be overlooked as it really is a great film that should just be enjoyed. I give it 8.5 out of 10. Get this film watched, soon. Watch all the other X men films first if you need to as like the best revision you could think of.

One final thing just to satisfy the geek in me. So in the new captain America film (the winter soldier) in one of the bonus scenes at the end of the film we see two new characters who are set up as the next baddies. These characters are clearly Scarlett Witch and Quicksilver which if anyone has ever read any of the comics will know are Magnetos children (which is hinted to in days of future past). Then Quicksilver appears in this film, but played by a totally different actor and in a different universe. Why don’t they just put them all together?! I know the x men universe always has been and probably always will be stand alone but it is very random that they have chosen these characters to appear in two sets of films when there are countless other characters they could have chosen. Very strange decision in my opinion.