The Amazing Spiderman 2…..amazing? I wouldn’t go that far

So spidey is back in his newly formed Andrew Garfieldness and this time he has a pumped up Jamie Foxx as Electro to deal with, oh and the Green goblin, and Rhino is there too (Paul Giamatti, looks like he had a great time making this). Why does Spiderman always need like 300 bad guys to beat? I mean I knows he’s supposed to be amazing but come on, give the guy a break, what’s next? Spiderman has to fight against a human form of the common cold whilst doing his ironing and simultaneously trying to set his skybox to record all of made in Chelsea?

As with the first Spiderman franchise we are again plunged into the realms of can a hero have a girlfriend, keep her and the city safe, keep up his friendships, his studies and his work whilst looking after his newly widowed Aunt May? The difference now is that this time it isn’t Peter Parker and Mary Jane it’s Peter Parker and Gwen Stacey. That for me is a good thing. Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone do have great chemistry together and that helps you empathise with what Peter Parker is going through and adding a realistic element to the film. Maybe it helps that they are a couple in real life because they are very believable. With Toby Maguire and Kirsten Dunst it always seemed like two cousins were being forced to kiss, also Kirsten Dunst always seemed to look like she had just woken up before they kiss (seriously watch the films again and you’ll see what I mean).

This film is a prime example of where you can sit back, get your popcorn, get your legs on the back of the chair in front, and let the cheesiness wash over you. Also you can enjoy the fact that Jamie Foxx as electro looks a lot like Arnold Schwarzenegger As the iceman I batman and robin and also like Dr Manhattan from Watchmen, big and blue.

So yes with this film the script isn’t flawless and there are a few more plotholes than you could invariably shake a stick at but never mind, it is Spiderman after all, a film about a guy with all the attributes of a spider. Now, I’m not suggesting all films can just stick in some great effects and you can forget about the plot etc but on this occasion I wasn’t really expecting breathtaking performances and all the trimmings of a ‘deep’ film and because of that I wasn’t let down.

That being said, I did think this film was braver than it’s predecessors, so much so that at points I did think that it was a little close to the bone for a 12A rating. Never thought I’d write that about a Spiderman film.

So overall I think it is worth a watch, I wouldn’t go as far as amazing, it’s like the above average Spiderman. If you don’t mind the steep prices to watch it in 3D then give it a go. As you would expect there are some very special effects and the 3D was good at points. It isn’t up there with Avengers assemble or such like but it towers above the likes of pacific rim, oh man that was a bad film.

I give it a 6.5 out of 10.

Also Stick around at the end of the film for a sneak peek of the new X men film, which looks bloody brilliant and needless to say is getting watched as soon as it is out. Will they ever make a Spiderman, x men, avengers all in one film marvel gorge fest? I can’t see that being too far off.

Also odeon have the cheap Tuesdays thing going on, any film for £5.50, so you can always see it on a Tuesday if you don’t want to pay the full whack. Happy viewing.


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