Iron Man 3 – get it watched, but know what it is you’re watching

So the hotly anticipated iron man 3 is now with us and I must admit I did feel a little bit like a giddy child in the queue for his first grown up ride when I sat down to watch the latest instalment of the Marvel franchise. I, like everybody else, thought that Avengers assemble was superb and that Joss Whedon (director) needed a very firm handshake for his efforts. I thought the exploration of Tony Stark in Avengers was great. It took up where Iron Man 2 left off, with him wanting to change the world with the new element he created whilst still having the enigmatic trouble maker side to him as he poked fun at all of the other characters and reminded everyone of how good he was. Rather like David Cameron in the last election.

Now watch out for spoilers here, because Iron Man 3 picks up again where Avengers left off. The basic plot outline is that Tony Stark, fresh from saving the world with his Avenger pals, must now do battle with the deadly terrorist ‘the Mandarin'(a masterful performance from Ben Kingsley who makes it look very easy indeed). This super baddy turns out to be a cover for the real evil genius played by Guy Pearce, who funnily enough is keen on taking over the world, with his company A.I.M. It turns out that he and one of Stark’s old flames, have mastered a way for genetic repair. They can now implant this technology into humans which means they can heal quickly, regenerate limbs and generate vast heat when they do this. I liked this idea for the villain. The point they are making is that from an honest idea things can eventually change into something bad, so instead of helping people, Pearce is now creating a breed of super-humans. Oh Pearce, you’ve had a right shocker there.

But this is not the only demon stark has to fight in this film. He is also going through a personal crisis that leads him to have panic/anxiety attacks, like a fat guy with his food taken away, who can still see the food but can’t eat it. In my opinion these attacks are not fully explained, but they are a nice contrast to the usual super confident, brash Tony Stark that has been present in the past two films. He is human after all, even if he does have a super conducting magnet strapped to his chest. I bet he’s never worried if he drops a load of Pins. The attacks stem from his near death experience in the aforementioned Avengers film which has now left him scared of a possible alien invasion and the fact that he has to protect Peppa pots (Paltrow) and all innocent people on earth. I like this story line and the fact that they are playing on his humanity like, it would be pretty annoying if he was cocky all the time as the character would be a bit like Simon Cowell after scientists have announced that wearing your trousers under your armpits is beneficial to your health. Which of course it isn’t. It’s good that he’s cocky, but not a total crank.

To get to the nitty gritty, overall I bloody loved this film. The best attribute for me is that is doesn’t take itself too seriously, it is more tongue in cheek than when Vanessa Feltz gets some food stuck in her gargantuan mouth, she must be there for a good hour with her tongue writhing around like a charmed snake. Now then as a film it probably isn’t the best, technically. The plot has a few holes and the script is at times clunky and ungainly, like a child wondering around in his mothers high heels that are about 10 times too big for them (I never did that………). But it is at this point that I will jump to the films defence. In my opinion if you have gone to see this film for its plot or anything other than the effects, the feel good factor or Robert Downey Jr then I think you’re seeing the wrong film. Obviously I am not advocating that all films should be like this, but this one is, and that is ok. It is fun, fast paced and the technical effects are stunning. If we are honest then i think we are staring to take incredible effects for granted as a cinema going nation. This isn’t totally a bad thing as it means that the bar is always being raised, but we should remember every now and then to acknowledge when the effects do their job. They do here. The acting is alright and it’s funny, witty, action packed whilst also laughing at itself every now and then. this is everything a good Iron man film should be I think! Get your popcorn, your drink, your highly overpriced and slightly tepid hotdog and enjoy this film. Don’t watch it too hard just take it at face value and you will not be disappointed. But expect anything else and I think you might be, like someone buying a pop album and expecting classical music.

The only slight gripe I have with this film is that Iron man always seems to be hindered by something, or is holding back just slightly. It’s either Jarvis complaining that the suit ‘isn’t fully functional’ or ‘not weaponised’ or he’s low on ammo or he can only use that one weapon or something like that. Just for once, and this is just me, but for once I want to see an all powerful, no holds barred kick ass iron man who is just able to let rip. I know they have to show him as human and he technically isn’t superhuman like Spider Man or Super Man but just once, let it go, a free for all on the baddies. This is why we love Hulk so much, because he doesn’t have an amount of ammo or anything he just smashes. As a teenage boy it was always nice when on the old playstation you could put in a cheat that gave you unlimited ammo, invincible armour or something similar. It would be immense if they had something like that here. All I’m saying.

So the verdict, I will give this a healthy 7/10 but he just needs to be able to go all out once in a while. But this aside, another cracking outing for the Marvel boys. Here’s to the next one!!


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