The first of many, here it all starts. No frills film reviews!

So like the countless thousands of other people in the world I have decided to start a blog, hooray! I have thought about doing this for a while and I have now literally been inspired to start. What by? I will come to that later.

For now, a little about what to expect from my ramblings. Well the reason I am doing this in the first place is not because I love my own voice or inner monologue, I’m not Katie Price. But upon moseying (a verb far underused in my opinion) to the cinema last night I walked straight into a trap. Not only did I walk into it, I paid for the privilege. Like a young man waiting in line patiently for a steps reunion gig, I had no idea what trauma lay ahead for me. Tragedy? Oh yes, but not the good kind. Leave it alone steps.

I am talking about my need for a ‘no frills’ review guide that I could glance over before I went to the cinema. I could have saved money, heartache and some of the many brain cells that surely must have perished during my experience. I liked those brain cells, I miss them, like I miss fun house and Pat Sharpe’s mullet. Oh Pat.

And so with this in mind, I have created this blog, to help my fellow movie goer avoid this type of film/torture and maybe help point them towards the better things in film, theatre and tv that are of offer. Because I am nice like that. You don’t need to be a movie buff to read it, I don’t claim to be one myself. In fact you don’t need any prior qualities to read this, just an open mind and a sense of humour!

I will also let people know of any offers or deals that I become privy to and will generally keep writing a no frills review of films and the like. Feel free to let me know what you think and if there is anything that you think I need to know about!

So what was the experience that I mentioned earlier…. Check out the next post and you’ll see. I know I am more of a tease than a room full of doughnuts in the second week of your diet. But stick with it because I am just as rewarding……


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